Registration & Usage Tips


Special Notes


Everything starts at https://www.vwhub.com.


Select "New Users Register" (Everyone is a "new user" on their first visit.)

  • For security reasons, each employee who wants to register must already be entered in the registration repository database.


    Complete the on-line form for new security credentials.

    Possible errors :
    • You're not found in the registration repository database:
    • Check that your name, partial SSN/SIN and dealer code are typed correctly.
    • Verify with your Extranet Administrator that you are entered in the registration repository database with completely correct information.
    • Your dealership does not have two Extranet Administrators registered.


    Read and accept the Usage Agreement.

    • This will take you back to the log-on security page.


      Back at the security page, type in your new User ID and password.

      At the new home page, familiarize yourself with all the menu options and links.

      • Most of the menu links are to sites that still require a system-specific user name and password. Over time, most of these sites will change to use your new vwhub.com credentials for "single sign-on" access.
      • Visit "My Account" to set up the Single Sign-On applications that you need access to.
      • To provide comments, use the on-line Feedback link. To resolve problems, contact the Help Desk at 1-866-892-3375.


        Employees of VW-Audi duals :

        Ask your Extranet Administrator to update your account with the other brand.

        • To determine who your Extranet Administrators are, visit the "My Account" section and click Update Profile.